Pilot Data

Swansea Airport Welcomes and encourages visitors to join them and experience some of the best GA flying in the UK however you are kindly asked to PPR before you set off on 01792 208182.

*Please note Pilots are responsible for sending their GAR and other customs documents to the relevant authorities

The airport is open Tuesday-Sunday 0900-1700 local

Runway designations and dimensions 

RWY 04 1200m LDA  (Concrete)

RWY 22  1200m LDA (Concrete)

RWY 10 824m LDA (Asphalt)

RWY 28 794m LDA  (Asphalt)

A/G services and comunications 

Circuit height at EGFH is 1000FT

Swansea radio frequency is 119.705 formally 119.700

Out of hours operations available on request by calling ops on 01792 204063 or email ops@swansea-airport.co.uk

Fire cat 1a 2a on remission

Be aware parachute operations active Friday Saturday and Sunday


Landing fee for ultralight/microlight aircraft is £8

Landing fee for 2-4 seat single engine is £18

for other size craft and rotor craft please call us or email us for a price

Avgas £  per LTR

Jet A-1 £  Per LTR