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A Trial Lesson is an amazing experience that will be remembered long after the event. A Trial Flight in a 4 seat aircraft is an experience for up 3 persons. Accompanied by a highly trained flying instructor one person can take control of the aircraft and actually fly the plane! Our 4 seat aircraft allows 2 further passengers to go along for the trip and enjoy the fantastic scenery!

Trial flights take place from Swansea Airport, Tuesday to Sunday all throughout the year.

Due to the unrestricted air space around Swansea Airport, you choose the direction of your flight!

How it works

1) Buy a voucher - Use our online shop to purchase a voucher. We process your order and then send your voucher in the post.

 2) Book your flight - When you receive your voucher, give us a call using the number displayed on your voucher to book your flight.  If you bought your voucher as a gift, give it to the recipient and tell them to give us a call to book their flight. Our number is on the voucher. Vouchers are valid for six months, so make sure you give us a call and book your flight in plenty of time.

3) On the day - Arrive ten minutes before the time you're booked in for.  Feel free to bring spectators, we allow them airside to get pictures of you next to and getting in the plane.  Don't forget your voucher and camera or phone to take photos while you're up in the air!


Minimum Age 14 Years old

Maximum weight of 18 stone

60 Minute Flight for 3

SKU: pa28.60.40
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