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Swansea Airport

Welcome ! 

Based in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Swansea Airport is perfectly positioned to allow us some of the best general aviation flying in the UK, Now it's your turn to take to the skies with experience flight over Swansea and Gower peninsular an experience you will never forget.

Gift Vouchers & Experience Flights

Swansea Airport offers several options.

. Experience flights

. Ultralight training

. Group A training

If you're looking for a gift for a loved one or wish to become a private pilot, we have you covered

Pilot Data

Useful information for Pilots who intend to visit Swansea Airport, including Runway dimensions, circuit height and how to PPR

We look forward to seeing you

Ground School

All ground exams covered including radio telephony

ground school by appointment

exams sat daily

GST also available on request

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