In an area of outstanding natural beauty

Swansea Airport built in 1941 for the RAF today offers some of the most unique and unforgettable experiences. Also home to Team raven aerobatic display team and the former home of the welsh Air Ambulance.

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Experience Flights & Training

Swansea Airport offers several options.

. Helicopter training

. Ultralight training

. Group A training

If you're looking for a gift for a loved one or wish to become a private pilot we have you covered

Pilot Data

Useful information for Pilots who intend to visit Swansea Airport, including Runway dimensions, circuit height and how to PPR

We look forward to seeing you

Ground School

All ground exams covered including radio telephony

ground school by appointment

exams sat daily

GST also available on request

About Swansea Airport

In June 1941 RAF Fairwood Common was declared operational as a day and night fighter station, Then In spring 1949 the station was decommissioned and officially opened as Swansea Airport on the 1st of June 1957.

Today we have a wide range of airport facilities to accommodate your needs.

>Gift Flights & acessories With - Fly swansea & Experience wales

>Free Car Parking

>Aircraft Refuelling (Jet-A1 & Avgas 100LL)

>Flying Schools

>Ground school introduction

>Viewing areas & More

20 minute Flight raffle

£10.00Regular Price£6.00Sale Price
Open 6 days a week:

Tuesday-Friday  8.30am-5pm

Saturday  8.30am-5pm

Sundays  8.30am-5pm

Tower: 01792 204063



Swansea Airport

Fairwood common




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